About Liv

I attended Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts and graduated in May 2014 receiving my BFA in graphic design. I have been a freelance graphic designer for 5 years. I particularly specialize in branding and identity design. I have always enjoyed all aspects of branding design and have developed a strong interest in the use of typography, illustration, and occasionally incorporating mixed media into my work. I often experiment with mixed media collage, liquid typography, and getting my hands dirty with pen and ink. Collage art has been a strong therapy for me because it allows me to explore textures building compositions from several different materials ranging from found paper, recycled materials, acrylic paints, ink, and magazine scraps. I plan to add examples of my collage work soon.

I like to think that when it comes to creating art, I am neck deep in several realms of creativity. I enjoy all sorts of mediums including but not limited to: mixed media art, hand lettering, apparel design, branding design, apparel design, screen printing and other print making methods. I am constantly creating and doing everything that I can to share my art with the world so that people can relate in different ways. I'm thankful that art has played a big role in my life since I was younger.

CURRENT WORK: I am a graphic design contractor at Puma's INT'L Headquarters in Boston, MA. For more details regarding my job description please visit this link : http://www.livvarney.com/puma-production-design/

To see examples of my work at Puma please visit the 'PUMA' tab in the main menu above.