Hi everyone. My name is Liv Varney. I attended Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts and graduated in May 2014 receiving my BFA with a concentration in graphic design. I have been a freelance graphic designer for 5 years with the exception of long term contracts in between. I particularly specialize in branding and identity design. I have always enjoyed all aspects of branding design and have developed a strong interest in the use of typography, illustration, and occasionally incorporating mixed media into my work. I often experiment with mixed media collage, liquid typography, and getting my hands dirty with pen and ink. Collage art has been a strong therapy for me because it allows me to explore textures building compositions from several different materials ranging from found paper, recycled materials, acrylic paints, ink, and magazine scraps.

After having been one to experiment with several different mediums, it would be silly of me to leave out that all of this started at the age of 4. The walls of my childhood home were my campus none the less. I can’t say my parents were too happy about it but they’ve been incredibly supportive while I have been on this journey.

As an independent artist, I like to think that when it comes to creating, I should immerse myself in different realms of creativity. I enjoy all sorts of mediums including but not limited to: mixed media art, hand drawn lettering, apparel design, branding design, screen printing and other print making methods. I am constantly creating and doing everything that I can to share my art with the world so that people can relate in different ways. I'm thankful that art has played a big role in my life since I was younger.