Mixed Media Graphic Tee

Mixed Media Graphic Tee


I recently had an exhibit at my college. I made a custom shirt that was heavily detailed with the intricate line drawings that I have had as a visual element in my work really since the beginning. These shirts are pretty labor intensive and require a few steps to cover before start to finish to ensure that the shirt is unique and stylish. Please be mindful of how much time goes into these shirts.*

Creative process:
1. Dip dye T-shirt in bleach/water mix.
2. Allow some time for the bleach to make the colors lift.
3. Rinse and spin cycle
4. Tumble dry
5. stretch shirt across board for easy doodling on front and reverse side.
6. After complete, heat set line art on front and reverse side.
7. screen print logo on front of tee. Heat set. Package, ship, up up and away!

Printed on Anvil long & lean lightweight cotton tees, & regular style t-shirts, available in sizes S through XL.

*Produced by the order. Turnaround time is 7-10 business days. Thank you for your understanding!

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