Trail Break is a brand new restaurant that had it's grand opening in White River Junction, VT on 11/16/17. It's the kind of establishment where you walk in the door, take a seat and are immediately greeted by their owner and servers with their good vibes and positive attitudes.

Trail Break's menu has a wide variety of selections from nachos, tacos (choice between meat lovers or vegetarian) and more!

There are also a total of 28 rotating taps of craft beer ranging from locations in Vermont, the east coast or anywhere as far out to the west coast.

I was hired in July of 2016 by the owner, Topher Lyons to design the logos and branding for TB. When reaching out to share his ideas with me, he wanted to have his logo marks similar to the organic look and feel of trail signs that you see when Hiking or Skiing the outdoors. After a long but progressive drafting process, we came up with a set of logos that would read well with and without text to follow. So as a result, we came up with 4 logos one of each reads Trail (trail sign), Break (picnic table), Taps (beer tap), Tacos (taco shell).

See logos below Click to enlarge for better viewing.


For more info check them out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/fishtacosmakemehappy/ & Instagram: @trailbreakwrj

Logomark #1

Here is an example of the final logo lockup with the Trail sign, picnic table, beer tap and taco shell representing the restaurant name.

Logomark #2

Here are all 4 logos in a horizontal plane. The horizontal option can be used with print or digital specs that are for a required horizontal format.

Logo #3

This is the final and commonly used logo for web and print that TB can use for all purposes whether it is print or social media.