Hi all. I wanted to use this page solely for accepting donations. But in order to do so, I want to explain my reasoning.

Times can be hard, so this is me asking for help. I’m trying to break away from the mindset of avoiding asking for help, because it never hurts to try. That being said, I am accepting donations to help me get ramped up for the summer. Most of my screen printing set-up is low quality and has been a major setback in production, especially for one person managing the whole sha-bang. I set up a ‘Donate’ button on this page if you are feeling generous anything helps. If you are unable to donate, please help spread the word! Any support is helpful. I’m so thankful for everyone who’s been a supporter and follower since the beginning. You all are amazing and I wouldn’t have done it without you.

Here’s what’s up: Over the last few months I have begun to feel a bit overwhelmed for a few reasons. I manage this brand by myself, I design, print and outsource all with money out of pocket. Money that I work really hard to earn. I’ve been running this brand for 6 years, and it honestly hasn’t been any less stressful. I started with little to no money to buy supplies, and I feel like I'm back to that stage. I’ve tried my best but am still struggling. I really only have an income that pays the bills and then some. It’s a lot to take on for someone like myself who’s really just trying to get by the best I can with the resources and experience that I’ve gained thus far.

While I usually use funds from sales to purchase materials, I’m still having some trouble purchasing the materials that I need to have a successful summer of sharing my creations in the means of t-shirts and other products. This is the struggle when you have SO many ideas and very little to work with. I’ve seen brands do crowdfunding for this kind of thing, there is simply no shame in that. No matter what anyone says. It’s okay to accept financial assistance if it means it’ll help you create more or even reach success & happiness. I’ve been hesitant to take this initiative but I need to give it a try because I feel that it will help me purchase new materials for screen printing. I have done my best to do all of this myself but am pretty much running out of options.

GOAL: My goal is to reach a limit of $600. This will allow me to improve on the quality of the materials I use for production, which will then reflect on the quality of products that customers purchase!

Here are a few of the materials I need to buy:

1-color table top screen printing press: (retail price $150-$200 which is good quality & the least expensive)

Textile / fabric ink: Prices vary

Squeegees: Prices vary


Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this, as well as support YF all these years.