Liv Varney

2018 Snapchat Filters

2018 puma SUEDE 50th FUBU SUEDE footwear launch

This footwear was also released in late spring of 2018. Part of a series of releases following through the summer, the Fubu collection has been a big hit. The shoe illustration laid out onto a brick wall demonstrates the hip hop culture that Puma and Fubu are both heavily immersed in.

Selena Gomez has been a strong representative for the women's training apparel and footwear, as well as some Sportstyle campaigns. "To defy is to be brave. It’s about pushing the envelope and not obeying any expectations placed on you by society." - Selena Gomez on the Puma Defy City product release.

Some of the Puma retail locations have had a Snapchat filter available for customers to use per location. This demonstrates the Puma RED color profile, the Puma SUEDE footwear, and the Forever Faster CTA.

As part of Puma's Suede 50th anniversary, they released a Clyde shoe represented by Big Sean. The theme of the Clyde release was focused on barber shop culture. The layout has a strong focus on the red and blue striped barber shop poles as well as the footwear illustrations along the bottom. This is one of my favorite filters I was able to build for Puma.

The latest Puma x Fenty collection has a very summery - surf vibe. Many of the visual elements and logos consist of palm trees, crashing waves and surf boards. The product release consisted of slide sandals, sneakers,  crop top t-shirts and more.